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Enlighten through Design

The symbol of the Shiva represents enlightenment and universal understanding. Similarly Design Shiva is devoted to elevating consumers’ consciousness through innovative concepts that connect your company with your core consumers.

To achieve this, we enter the world of your brand, your business, and your objectives. We identify imaginative ways to align your brand identity with your target consumer demographic. Enlightened design cuts through the onslaught of competing marketing messages with compelling imagery and captivating interactivity to produce a heightened level of understanding and persuasion.


Throughout his design career, Arto’s goal has been to employ creative originality to achieve business objectives. An award-winning designer with strategic knowledge gained through years of successful agency and magazine work, he can help you figure out the best way to sell your product or service and then execute marketing materials and websites that are original, imaginative and uniquely yours. 
And yes, that is his real name.