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Campaign for Sensus Research (now Concerto Marketing). Based on the five W’s, the ads highlight the expertise of Sensus in interpreting the mysteries of consumer decision-making.

Ad creative for Bolder Investment partners. Bolder is a small yet influential brokerage house in Canada that wanted to project a larger image than its actual size. See Case Study. (Contract firm: Concerto Marketing)

Campaign for Bare Wetsuits. The latest Bare Wetsuits were retouched on to Black and white archival photos of waterskiers in stereotypical 60s poses.

Ad for Bare Wetsuits. To promote their top-of-the-line “driest” wetsuit, the “Dry Ride”, a waterskier wearing the wetsuit was merged into a desert landscape.

Alluminate is a unique image-bonding technology that transfers wood, stone, metal textures to architectural aluminum. A simple visual equation was created to reveal the limitless possibilities of this new process. See Alluminate Case Study. (Contract firm: Concerto Marketing)

Ad for Colorado Greenhouse. We used a dictionary format as the creative tool to highlight the many benefits of their hydroponically grown tomatoes.

Campaign for GVC Credit Union. GVC wanted to make an emotional connection with the lower-middle class demographic that is their target market. The campaign “Real People” was developed and highlighted with images of real working-class people in natural poses.