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How we defined a new niche in Canada: The ultra-wealthy

In 1998 we were commissioned to design a new magazine to appeal to the ultra-wealthy niche, a market not yet properly identified in Canada. With no research nor guidance, we sought to create the most elegant magazine in Canada.

We designed a large format magazine with all the visual cues of sophistication and elegance—white space, elegant typography, and impactful images. The magazine won numerous awards including the Benny Award in 2001, as the best produced magazine in the world. After 12 years, NUVO dominates this ultra-wealthy niche in Canada and still adheres to the design grid we originally developed.

How we helped the Democracy movement in Iran one pixel at a time

We were commissioned by an Iranian group of expatriates to brand, create a logo, as well as develop information materials for their organization which articulated and symbolized their desire for freedom and democracy for their native country.

We arranged for photos to be taken in Iran of ordinary citizens who each in their small way protested against the authoritarian regime by engaging in minor acts of civil disobedience—rapping, dancing, singing or walking in public without a hijab. By obscuring their identities for their safety, the information materials took on a more profound role. The facial pixillation effect became a strong visual symbol in the struggle against this repressive regime.

How a little Photoshop magic defined this wetsuit manufacturer forever

Bare Wetsuits’ marketing materials suffered from the same problem as their competitors. In catalogues and ads, the heads and limbs of the attractive models were not only distracting but forced the wetsuits to be displayed very small.

We photographed the wetsuits with models but retouched out their heads and limbs in Photoshop. We rebuilt the parts of the wetsuit that were previously obstructed. The wetsuits now appeared to be worn by magical headless torsos. The wetsuits could now be displayed much larger and the effect made the viewer focus on the product—not the model. This became the signature look for Bare Wetsuits.

How we introduced emotion to the marketing of this diamond exploration company

Diamonds North, a diamond explorer listed on the TSX saw their fortunes rise and fall each time drill results were released. They needed to stabilize their finances and stop the short-term speculation by convincing investors of their long-term potential.

A campaign was created around three compelling visuals from the far north. A pristine Arctic landscape represented “Clarity” of vision, a dependable Husky was “Diligence”, an arctic flower growing out of the Tundra “Perseverence’. Each trait represented a quality the company believed it possessed that was essential in finding the next diamond mine in Canada.

How we boldly sold the virtues of being a small brokerage firm

Bolder Investments prides itself on being a small, yet aggressive firm in the Canadian brokerage market. They needed to convince clients that even with their small size, they were nevertheless a big player. (Contract firm: Concerto Marketing)

To communicate this duality, we created a campaign that featured small animals that cast ferocious and aggressive shadows, representing the personality that Bolder wanted to project.

How we pulled on the purse strings of this college alumni with a memorable symbol

In honor of the 75th anniversary of its founding, Vancouver College wanted a memorable symbol that would resonate with the Alumni, the major financial contributors to the school.

We found an image of a student from the founding year in 1920 and merged it with a student from today. Together they became the symbol of Vancouver College and represented the continuation of its important legacy from one generation to another.

How we threw light on the limitless possibilities of Alluminate

Alluminate is a unique image-bonding technology that can transfer any texture to architectural aluminum. The challenge was making the process and the possibilities easily understood by consumers. (Contract firm: Concerto Marketing)

A simple visual equation, adaptable to various creative situations, was created to reveal the limitless possibilities of this new process.

How we successfully launched a new player in the Retail Properties business

Anterra was a spin-off of a large and established real estate developer who wanted to project a progressive face to their new venture. They also wanted to create an immediate impact with the large retail chains who would be their potential tenants.

A brochure was designed with a special diecut to mimic a shopping bag. The uniqueness of the brochure coupled with the visual connection to Anterra’s business created an unforgettable impression in the minds of potential clients.